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Week 4 Photos
Week in Review
Our first week on the training vessel T/V Kings Pointer was exciting for all of us. Many found it to be their first sea experience and certainly the size of the Kings Pointer opened many eyes! The trip took us down the East River and along the south coast of Long Island, passing by New York City at sunset. In addition to this experience, we practiced our ship handling skills on the Growler and on the RHIBs (rigid hull inflatable boats) doing man overboard drills, charting, navigation, and tide/current calculations. 

ENS Lawrence-Slavas takes a bearing.

ENS Eggers and ENS Hester in NYC!

ENS Kondel "I think I spotted a ship!"

ENS Taylor has many buildings to choose from to take a bearing.

ENS Chrobak at the helm.

BOTC 99 learns where the life rafts are located.

ENS Taylor, Peltzer and Kroening work together with the firehose.

ENS Kondel, Eilers, and Schwartzstein test the range of the hose.

Approaching a tight spot on the East River.