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NOAA Corps and the Coast and Geodetic Survey
History of the NOAA Commissioned Corps - Part 6
The Commissioned Corps Flag
The Commissioned Corps Flag
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Following two reorganizations in which many science agencies with related missions were brought together in one agency, NOAA and the NOAA Corps came into existence in 1970

following a short stint as the Environmental Science Services Administration and the ESSA Corps (1965-1970).

NOAA today is comprised of five offices: The National Weather Service; National Marine Fisheries Service; Office of Oceanic and Atmospheric Research; National Environmental Satellite, Data and Information Service; and National Ocean Service. Through the Office of Marine and Aviation Operations, NOAA Corps officers operate NOAA's fleet of research and survey vessels and aircraft; they also serve within each of NOAA's five line offices.

Today's NOAA civilians and officers are equally at home under the sea, on the sea, surveying the land, charting the airways, flying into hurricanes and other dangerous weather phenomena, monitoring environmental spacecraft, and studying the most important star, our sun. They serve on all the oceans of the world and represent the United States in many nations. One can only wonder what Ferdinand Hassler would think about the organization that he helped found so many years ago.

For more information about the history of the U.S. Coast Survey and other agencies that make up NOAA today, please visit the NOAA Library, where there are links to sites such as:
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and Treasures of the Library


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