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NOAA Corps Flag

On March 7, 2002, Secretary of Commerce Donald L. Evans signed into effect Department Administrative Order (DAO) 201-6, which amended the Official Flags of the Department to include a new flag for the NOAA Commissioned Officer Corps.

The Corps had been the only member of the seven uniformed services without a distinctive flag of its own. This is very timely as the 85th anniversary of the NOAA Corps will be celebrated on May 22nd. On the flag the NOAA Corps insignia appears within a red triangle, set within a white circle, against a navy blue background.

Ordering a flag

NOAA Corps flags can be purchased from  U.S. Flag  &  Signal in Virginia Beach, Virginia. Their telephone number is 877-497-8947 or 757-497-8947. It takes 3-4 wks to fill the order.

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